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Restaurants & Chefs


Amazing wine needs delicious food. We invite Portland's best restaurants to showcase their culinary talents at the Portland Indie Wine & Food Festival. Check out our 2011 participants.

Beaker & Flask
THE CHEF: Ben Bettinger
THE DISH: Caraway-scented Cabbage Rolls with Local Mushrooms
and Spring Vegetables
THE TREND: Northern and Eastern European - think Austro-Hungarian Empire

THE CHEF: Gabe Rosen
THE DISH: Smoked Pork Bo Ssam
THE TREND: Asian Bar Food

Caffé Vita
THE BARISTA: Chad Freilino
THE DISH: Small-Batch, Freshly Roasted Espresso
THE TREND: Awesome Coffee

Cheese Bar
THE DISH: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, extra toasty and melty
THE TREND: Cheese, please

Clyde Common
THE CHEF: Chris DiMinno
THE DISH: White Bean, Cured Meat, and Spring Greens Sandwich with Pickled Raisins and Ricotta Salata
THE TREND: Serious Sandwiches

The Country Cat Dinnerhouse & Bar
THE CHEF: Jackie Sappington
THE DISH: Ovaltine Ice Cream with Salted Caramel
THE TREND: Retro Desserts

Irving St. Kitchen
THE CHEF: Sarah Schafer
THE DISH: Meatballs, Sauce au Poivre
THE TREND: Meatballs, what else?

Joel Palmer House
THE CHEF: Chris Czarnecki
THE DISH: Heidi's Three-Mushroom Tart
THE TREND: Foraging For Your Food

THE CHEF: Gregory Denton
THE DISH: Goat Confit on Fried Flatbread with Strawberry and
Mint Salad and Spiced Goat's Milk Yogurt
THE TREND: Dare we say "Keep Portland Weird?"
And we mean that in the best way!

Moonstruck Chocolate
THE DISH: Assorted Truffles and Tumbled Chocolates
THE TREND: Artisan Chocolate

Ned Ludd
THE CHEF: Jason French
THE DISH: Berkshire Pork Head Two Ways, with Pickles and Volkhornbrot
THE TREND: Delicious DIY

THE CHEF: Cathy Whims
THE DISH: Focaccia with Chickpea and Potato Spread and
Little Gem Lettuce with Farro Salad
THE TREND: Authentic Italian, right down to the local grains and legumes

THE CHEF: Ken Norris
THE DISH: Beet-Cured Chinook Salmon, with Spring Salad and Aioli
THE TREND: Sustainable, Ocean-to-Table Cooking

THE CHEF: Brenda Crow
THE DISH: Samples of Many of her Tastiest Products
THE TREND: Virtual Foraging/Artisan E-commerce

Simpatica Catering & Dining Hall
THE CHEF: Jason Owen
THE DISH: Bourbon Chicken Liver Mousse on Crostini with Pickled Rhubarb
THE TREND: Liver (the gateway organ meat) and Other Offal.
Oh, and Bourbon

St. Jack
THE CHEF: Aaron Barnett
THE DISH: Tête de Cochon en Rillettes with Apple Compote
and Grainy Mustard
THE TREND: French Country Cooking